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Case Studies

Case Studies


Adam’s Story



Adam learning to stand tall at Whoopsadaisy

 Adam is four years old. He has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder (SUCLA2-linked Mitochondrial DNA Depletion syndrome).

‘When he joined Whoopsadaisy in autumn 2013, Adam couldn’t sit on the floor or a stool unaided. During one of his first sessions the Conductor began to help him ‘walk’, moving his legs in a walking motion whilst I held him upright with the help of a stool on wheels. No-one else had ever tried it, nor been so confident that Adam should even entertain the idea of learning to walk. But Whoopsadaisy were committed from the start to helping him learn to sit, crawl, walk and become independent.

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Ferris’ Story


Ferris standing tall

Ferris is eight years old and has cerebral palsy. When he joined Whoopsadaisy aged 18 months, his low muscle tone and very flexible joints meant he was unable to sit unaided or crawl. Ferris started attending weekly Under-fives sessions with his mum in June 2009, and continued until he started school. He is now a regular at Whoopsadaisy ‘Saturday School’ and Holiday Clubs.  Read More …..




Jasper’s Story


jasperandclareAs Jasper grew, I became aware that he wasn’t reaching the milestones his peers were reaching. After hearing about Whoopsadaisy I took Jasper for his assessment with Beata, and felt a huge sense of relief that someone understood my concerns and could help me with Jasper… I felt excited about starting, and positive about Jasper’s future for the first time. Both Jasper and I loved going to the classes and we learnt exercises to help strengthen his muscles. Since then he has gone from strength to strength. The sessions have also helped with his speech development and social skills. And I have enjoyed attending this friendly and positive group that lifts everyone’s spirits. – Clare, Jasper’s mum
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Carys’ Story




I know I am incredibly lucky to have Carys; she is an inspiration and has taught me so much about life and being a parent.  She has fought for so much and achieved far beyond our expectations.  I don’t know what we would have done without Whoopsadaisy, the constant support, continuity of care and the sheer fun that Carys has when she attends, is so rewarding to watch.
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