What We Do

What we do

What we do

Whoopsadaisy is a small Brighton-based charity providing free Conductive Education sessions for local children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders.

Developed more than 70 years ago Conductive Education is a special programme which combines learning, play and interaction with rhythm and repetition, so that each child achieves key milestones such as, learning to sit up, stand or take their first steps. Working in small groups of up to four children, sessions are carefully tailored to the needs and abilities of each child. The sessions are fun and interactive in a warm and friendly environment.

At Whoopsadaisy we focus on what each child can do, rather than what they are unable to do. Our approach is not only about developing their physical skills it’s also about building their self-confidence, communication skills and independence.

We also provide advice and support for families, carers, teachers and schools, to help them better understand the needs of each child and enabling them to continue learning at home and at school.

We are proud to say that thanks to our small dedicated team of Conductors, volunteers and the family members who work alongside them, often the children attending Whoopsadaisy make great progress and are able to go on to mainstream school, especially those who join us at a very young age.

Talk to Us

Zsofia Varga – Conductor 

01273 554178

Did you know

All our sessions are held at the Whoopsadaisy Pavilion, Preston Park, Brighton. Under – fives attend once or twice a week. We also offer Saturday School and Holiday Clubs for older children aged 5 -12 years old.

Our services are free thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the community of Brighton and Hove.

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