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Our Story

Our Story

whoopWhoopsadaisy aims to develop the independence, confidence and self-esteem of children with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy. We are the only charity in East Sussex offering Conductive Education – a system of learning which, building upon children’s existing abilities and skills, helps prepare them for tackling the challenges of everyday life more independently.

Whoopsadaisy’s story started when Nina Holland was inspired by Conductive Education, having seen the difference it made to the independence and quality of life of her son Christopher, who has cerebral palsy. With the funds  Nina had raised, Beata Kusel established our first Parent & Child group for under-fives in 2008, working  with two children. Since then Whoopsadaisy’s services have steadily grown and we now work with at least 14 under-fives every week. It’s crucial that the progress these children make is not lost once they start school, so for 5-12 year olds we also run Saturday sessions and Holiday Clubs, which enable parents to take a break.

How Whoopsadaisy Makes a Difference
Most of the children who attend Whoopsadaisy are affected by cerebral palsy. If a baby’s brain is starved of oxygen during or prior to birth, the resulting brain damage can lead to motor impairment. Children’s posture, co-ordination, balance and mobility can be affected, and this is often complicated by additional problems such as speech, communication and learning difficulties.

Conductive Education was first developed in Hungary by Dr Andras Peto. A typical Conductive Education session consists of a series of physical tasks, tailored to the needs of each child and aimed at improving co-ordination, raising body awareness and practising essential movements.

The emphasis is on developing physical, sensory, social and communication skills.

We work in small groups so that the children receive plenty of one-to-one attention and at the same time can be motivated and inspired by seeing the other children reach their goals. Although the children work hard, they also have lots of fun! The sessions are very hands-on for parents and carers, too, as they learn how to
help their children become more independent at home. They also meet others in similar situations and share ideas and experiences.

Carys attended Whoopsadaisy for three years, and is now at mainstream school. We as a family cannot thank Whoopsadaisy enough for all their hard work, especially Beata and her team – Bethan, Carys’s mum.

How you can help 
You can support us by spreading the word about Whoopsadaisy so that families across
Brighton & Hove and Sussex know about our services and how we can help
their children become more independent. You can also help through volunteering, fundraising, making a donation or coming to one of our events. Please contact Caroline Matanle on 07588 555761. THANK YOU!  Reg. Charity no. 1083024

Message From Founder – Nina Holland

490My Son Christopher was diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy when he was 18 months. At the time I was living in France. In some ways I felt relieved by the diagnosis, as I felt something was wrong and now I could do something to help him. I read some books on Cerebal Palsy and that’s how I found out about Conductive Education and how the child can really benefit at a very young age. I decided to take Christopher to the Peto Institute in Hungary.

After just two weeks working everyday with Christopher, I noticed a dramatic improvement. I went back again for two months, but found it very difficult being away from home. So over the next few years I had conductors (teachers of Conductive Education) working with Christopher in the holidays.

But this is was very expensive, and a lot of families were unable to afford it.

I set up Whoopsadaisy to help other children and their families, as I feel Conductive Education has enabled Christopher to lead a more independent life.

The service that we provide will help other children reach their maximum independence and confidence.