Conductive Education

Conductive Education

Conductive Education is a life-changing system of learning which enables children affected by cerebral palsy and other motor disorders to reach their full potential.

Originally developed more than 70 years ago for children and adults with neurological conditions, Conductive Education is a programme of active learning where essential movements and tasks are broken down into small achievable steps. By combining learning, play and interaction with rhythm and repetition, each child learns to accomplish specific tasks and achieve key milestones, such as learning to sit up, stand or take their first steps.

At Whoopsadaisy we always focus on what children can do, rather than what they are unable to do. Our approach is not only about physical skills – such as being able to sit up, stand or walk without help – it’s also about self-confidence, being able to communicate with others, to sit at the table with the rest of the family for a meal, or being able to get dressed independently.

Conductive Education helps children to:

  • strengthen muscles and bones
  • improve fluidity and control of movement
  • improve mobility
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • learn daily living skills
  • learn to express themselves and develop language skills
  • develop greater independence
  • improve their quality of life
The origins of Conductive Education

Developed more than 70 years ago by Hungarian physician Dr Andras Peto, he believed in the power of human potential and that children (and adults) affected by neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy have extra and different learning needs. Dr Andras Peto created a holistic approach to learning to help children overcome their physical and cognitive difficulties.

At Whoopsadaisy, we offer weekly Conductive Education sessions for babies and young children up to the age of 12. We only work in small groups, so each child has one-to-one support.

Under-fives Groups

Babies and children attend our fun and friendly under-fives sessions, once or twice a week during term-time. We run up to eight sessions a week for under-fives.


Saturday School

Suitable for children aged 5-12 our Saturday sessions are designed to ensure children continue to build their confidence once they have started school. We run two sessions from 10 am -12 noon and an afternoon session 1 pm -3 pm.


Holiday clubs

Also for children aged 5-12, we run a one-week club at Easter and two-weeks in the summer. There is also a one week summer club for children under-five.

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