About Us

About us

About Whoopsadaisy

We are charity offering free Conductive Education sessions to improve the lives of babies and young children affected by cerebral palsy and other motor disorders.

Conductive Education is a programme of guided active learning where essential everyday movements and tasks are broken down into small achievable steps. By combining learning and play with rhythm and repetition each child learns to accomplish actions and achieve goals that other children simply take for granted, such as learning to sit up, crawl or take their first steps.

Parents tell us how difficult constantly caring for a disabled child can be – we are a lifeline for those parents. We are proud to say that most of our children make great progress thanks to our small team of amazing staff and volunteers.

We have been based Brighton since 2008. Local children depend on Whoopsadaisy, and we depend on our local community. Every penny raised directly helps children who go to Whoopsdaisy learn to do things for themselves and grow in confidence whilst having fun!


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